My new website

I made a new & intentionally boring website

April 04, 2019

I made a new website, and it’s super minimal and lightweight. This new site uses Hugo, a theme based on xmin, and no external dependencies or scripts (other than MathJax on pages requiring it). The design is spartan, but the result fast, clean, and focused on the content. It’s not boring, it’s performant!

Compared to the previous design, I actually like this better… The previous design was image-heavy and included Bootstrap, fonticons, etc. This uses none of that crap. Even though I did start with a base, I’ve customized the theme to my liking and added features relevant for my site.

For comparison’s sake, here’s what the old site looked like:

My old website

The old website also used Hugo, but used my fork of keichi’s vienna theme, in case you’re interested.